Scott Pilgrim vs the World Review

2 Sep

Scott Pilgrim vs the World review

Adapted from a series of comic books, Scott Pilgrim is the newest feature to come from acclaimed British director Edgar Wright. Described as filling many genres, with critics across the country waffling somewhere between rom-com and comedy with added martial arts, this movie is certainly hard to define or pigeonhole, therefore the act is somewhat pointless. Scott Pilgrim is much better serviced by a simple one paragraph description than a tiny catchphrase. So here we go:

The plot of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, quite surprisingly, follows the actions of a protagonist named Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera; doing his whole witty nerd schtick to good if somewhat been-there-done-that effect). See, Scott is trying to woo a pink-haired hipster chick called Ramona (Mary Elisabeth Winstead, charming as ever) who just happens to have seven evil exes. Seven evil superpowered exes. If Scott is to ever woo his hipster, he must first defeat these evil exes, no mean feat. That is the essential plot, although the film has a few diversions here and there, the focus here is not on plot, but on blazing action and witty dialogue, both of which it deals in abundance.

Edgar Wright, as he has demonstrated in the past with Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, can deal with action comedy. He shows here that he can also deal with effects. Scott Pilgrim, lifting straight from the source material, is a film obsessed with videogames culture. From subtler references such as the theme tune Zelda to the bass line from Final Fantasy II to more obvious homages such as the Street Fighter and Rock Band styled brawls with the evil exes to Scott’s band name, the Sex Bob-Ombs. The fights themselves offer up a neon style, flashes of colour and anime style effects ensure that there is never a dull moment, provided that’s your thing of course.

Ultimately, providing a strong mix of music (did I mention that the soundtrack literally rocks?), visual style and witty dialogue, Scott Pilgrim definitely merits the purchase of a cinema ticket, even if just to see Kieran Culkin being gay.

Score: 4/5

Sean Cameron


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